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Is It Good To Wear an Evil Eye Necklace? (2023)

Evil eye jewelry traces its origin to some of the most ancient civilizations and still mesmerizes millions of citizens of the modern world.

This blog explains:

  • What is the meaning of the evil eye?
  • The ancient roots of Evil Eye
  • Evil eye charms in various cultures
  • Is it good to wear evil eye jewelry?
  • What evil eye jewelry colors represent

It isn’t something you can just see and ignore.

Even if you did not know the significance or the meaning of it the first time it crossed your sight, it would immediately come back storming into your memory the moment you realize what it means. The penetrating gaze of the cobalt blue eyeball, the striking image it etches into your brain, and the depth of layers upon layers of the symbols it is swaddling; are all too familiar, all too mysterious.

The evil eye symbol is easily one of the most widely recognized symbols in the modern world today. From the street vendors in Istanbul to the souvenir shops in Paris to the historic bazaars of Cairo to the ethnic stores in New York City; for the discerning ones, evil eye jewelry can be found everywhere.

What Is The Meaning Of The Evil Eye?

You’ve seen it in comic strips, you have spotted it on mobile covers and you probably even remember it on Gigi Hadid’s neck. The evil eye charm – no matter what form it takes – is meant to ward off the ill-meaning gazes that may cause direct or indirect harm to a person’s life or happiness. While in some cultures, the evil eye is strongly believed in, many cultures or individuals will probably not pay much heed to the idea.

However, it is common scientific knowledge that every person emits an energy field or an aura. Every aura has a particular wavelength and frequency, creating the feeling of negativity or positivity around people. When some negative energy crosses into your energy field, it is bound to create a disruption in your aura and bring negative waves inside. A destructive aura attracts more adversity and may lead to building a negative mindset, which will ultimately affect the whole being of a person and impact their lives. This is how an evil eye can bring negativity and ultimately, misfortune.

evil eye beads


Evil eye beads hanging on the wall

Evil Eye: The history

Since the beginning of civilization, the concept of the evil eye has surrounded humans and their dealings with one another. While it may seem like a Mediterranean or mid-eastern or South Asian tradition, the idea traces its roots to the ancient Greek civilization. It also has religious connotations in several regions like Muslim societies, Christianity and Buddhism.

In various cultures, the Evil Eye emblem is considered to have supernatural powers, as it is thought to represent the most powerful part of the human body – the eye. It is found in the ancient Roman scriptures, referred to in Quran and Bible, and mentioned in the Greek texts dating as far back as 3000 BC.

Evil Eye, Nazar, or Mati; is a strong-willed stare filled with negative emotions that penetrates the aura of any person and transfers demonic energies to cause psychological and physical harm.

Different cultures used different amulets to keep that evil away off. The most common one is the Evil eye pendant and the Evil eye bracelet which is supposed to protect the wearer by warding off negative energies.

blue evil eye

Tree branches decorated by many Blue evil eye (Nazar Boncugu). It is one of the symbols of Turkey. Ancient Ortahisar cave city in the background. Famous touristic place and travel destination

 Is it Good To Wear an Evil Eye Necklace?

The Evil Eye amulets or charms are all intended to provide invisible protection from the malevolent gazes, the negative energies penetrating your aura. But this is not all that it does.

Wearing an evil eye charm such as a sterling silver evil eye necklace radiates positive energy which brings peace of mind, and relaxation; invigorating the spirit and ultimately helping to rejuvenate the body. It exudes positive vibes that will lift your spirits and arm you with the invisible force of positivity to fight off any evil or deflect the negative energies directed at you.

You can choose to wear a pendant or a ring, a bracelet or a pin; whatever the form may be, if you are carrying it with you all the time, you can have the satisfaction that you are protected. This is why wearing an evil eye charm is a source of happiness and satisfaction. 

What do The Colors in Evil Eye Jewelry Represent?

The evil eye symbol is most commonly seen in cobalt blue and white, which has a powerful frequency that is thought to combat the malicious evil eye.  Blue is also a symbol of life force, karma protection, peace, and eternal hope. Nevertheless, depending on your taste you can find charms in a variety of colors. But these colors are not just randomly picked but have their particular significance and hold a deeper meaning.

Below, we have collected some of the common colors and what they represent.


An emblem of courage and resilience, red symbolizes fiery energy and enthusiasm


The orange evil eye is supposed to be a protector of happiness, commitment, and creativity. 


The sprightly yellow evil eye is a guardian of good health and a more focused power of the mind.


Represents and protects a thriving life, ultimate balance, satisfaction, and positive energy.


Purple encompasses imagination growth, improved relationships, and a good balance in your life.


The white-colored charms will offer serenity, focus, decluttering of minds, and an invigorated energy.


If you have a transparent evil eye charm, you will have the rare protection of the clarity of your ideas, your mindfulness, and the universal connection

evil eye beads

Colorful evil eye beads in a wicker basket

The Gift Of Care

The best gift you can give to your loved ones is the gift of love and care. And what better way to show them that you care than by sending an exquisite piece of fortune-bringing charm; like this beautiful evil eye necklace?


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