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Spiritual-themed jewelry

Our jewelry is the perfect gift for someone who wants to bring more spirituality into their life. The jewelry is designed to balance your energies and bring positivity and calmness, helping you attain peace of mind.
Our authentic chakra-balancing, beads-and-stone bracelets, evil eye necklaces, and more are available for both men and women.

Healing the mind, body, and soul

Attain the ultimate balance and stability for your body and cleanse your soul with the positive radiations from each stone that beads together to create exquisite and powerful chakra jewelry.

Every minute of every day, our bodies resist multiple energies, both good and bad that affect our mind, body, and soul. Wearing our jewelry that brushes with your skin all day long absorbs positivity while helping your body deflect negative energies.

Sentival Jewelry - Chakra Bracelets & Evil Eye Necklaces

Benefits of Wearing Chakra Bracelet

From emitting positive vibes to calming your nerves, the crystals in Chakra jewelry are not just eye candy, but also have a much deeper
effect on your mental, physical and spiritual well-being...